Still questioned by cops …”VICKY’S ESCAPE PLAN”

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Recaptured prisoner, Vicky Boodram, was not taken to court on Friday because investigators were still trying to put together their case as to who were involved in her release from the Golden Grove State Prison, Arouca, last Monday afternoon.

A jovial Vicky remained at the Barataria Police Station after her arrest on Thursday evening at a house at Sunshine Avenue, Lachoos Trace, Penal. She was spoken to by police officers, given food, and visited by her lawyer.

While the release of Vicky may seem to be an easy case for the police, in reality, it is not. The elaborate escape plan was an elaborate conspiracy which involved many persons – the Magistracy, the police service, the prisons service, and individuals.

But who was really the mastermind of this grand escape?

Sources say a senior police officer was behind the whole thing. But the question remains – would this senior officer be investigated, or would the low-ranked officers be the fall guys?

Sources say the plan Boodram to escape was hatched in prison with the help of a former female inmate. But that person could not carry out such a plan all by herself.

Police say the former inmate assisted Boodram not only in the plan to escape, but was also assisting her in acquiring travel documents and money to leave the country.

Police believe Boodram was awaiting transport to go to Cedros and leave the country when she was arrested.

Sources say that the police had been tracking her via cellphone for the last few days.

The owner of the house where fraud accused Boodram was caught hiding said she did not know Boodram and insisted her daughter, who has been arrested for harbouring the prison escapee, was innocent.

Jennifer Atwaters said, “My daughter did not know the person staying in our house was a fugitive at all.”

Atwaters said an older daughter who was recently released from prison, was responsible for bringing Boodram to their home but was not there when police arrested the fugitive.

Atwater insisted that her 32-year-old daughter, who was the only other person home at the time Boodram was arrested, is innocent.

This daughter, who is a Lotto booth operator, remains in custody and is expected to be charged with harbouring a fugitive.

On Monday, Boodram left the Golden Grove Prison after two police officers showed prisons officers a release warrant issued by the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court commanding that she be released so as to attend “night court.” That document was found to be bogus.

The two police officers, one male and the other female, were detained and interviewed by members of the Professional Standards Bureau where at first they said they were merely following the instruction given by a senior officer.

The female officer has since been released while the policeman remains in custody and is facing several criminals charges.

Atwaters begged the police to set her daughter free. “My daughter does not have a criminal record. She never had to face the courts for any matter.

“It was my older daughter who said someone was coming to pick Boodram up and we were waiting for this person to come by.

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