Still no word on 150 new doctors

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So, what’s the fate of some 150 medical graduates without jobs?

After several minutes of parliamentary debate, the country is no closer to finding out.

The new doctors are not suited for the Couva Children’s Hospital, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh told the House of Representatives.

Deyalsingh did not indicate if employment positions would be found in the State medical sector for the doctors.

He harangued about issues pertaining to the $1.5 billion Couva facility, but offered no clue about the hiring of the new graduates.

He said there was only a nine per cent vacancy rate for house officers.

The matter was taken to the House by Opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, who said some of the graduates are island scholarship winners, with contract obligations to the State.

Gopeesingh asked: “Why are they not being offered employment in the four regional health authorities in Trinidad and one in Tobago?”

He said the doctors are complaining about not having jobs and about the country suffering from deteriorating health care.

In response, Deyalsingh said that “there appears to be a very adequate supply of doctors needed for the demand estimated over the next five years, of 1,329.”

He said that Gopeesingh “wants to take 150 interns with baby’s milk still” to run the Couva Hospital.

Gopeesingh fired back: “You are misleading the House!”

The minister declined to indicate whether the State would employ the new medics.

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