More State media workers sent home

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More workers of the State media have been sent home.

Contracted employees of Government Information Services Ltd., (GISL) are being released at the end of their respective tenures, and several were not re-employed at the end of last month.

The latest batch was involved in the preparation and broadcast of daily newscasts on Channel 4.

The company’s board of directors had earlier taken a decision not to broadcast newscasts on Channel 4, but to focus on CTV, operated by Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG).

The board also runs CNMG.

The moves are designed to rationalise the operations of both State-owned media companies and to cut back on costs to taxpayers.

GISL and CNMG are both heavily debt-ridden.

More employees are expected to lose their jobs at the end of their respective contracts.

The future of both companies is being reviewed by a government economic advisory team.

Several models – including possibly shutdown of both companies – are being considered.

TT Whistleblower had earlier revealed that a successful private sector businessman with close ties to the ruling PNM is interested in the prime Maraval Road real estate, the television and one radio station at CNMG.

That company operates three radio stations, only one of which is financially viable.

There are anxieties among workers at both companies about future employment.

Several have sought jobs at other media organisations.

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