State media workers fear job loss

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Anxieties are growing among employees of the State media as the government nears a decision on the future of the ailing enterprise.

Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie confirmed on Friday that four options are being considered, with one being a shutdown of the operations.

Employees of Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) and Government Information Services Ltd., (GISL) are said to be extremely concerned about loss of their jobs.

Several have applied to other media institutions for jobs.

Whatever model the government adopts, there almost certainly would be job losses, since both companies are heavy financial drains on taxpayers.

Reports are that the companies have recently slumped into deeper financial difficulties and are facing challenges in paying some bills.

In addition, aging equipment are in urgent need of replacement or repair, which neither company can afford.

The national recession has impacted media advertising sales generally, and especially CNMG and GISL broadcast units, which have low viewership and listenership.

“There is a sense of despair here,” said one CNMG employee.

A government committee reviewing State enterprises is to submit recommendations for the future of the media companies.

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