Sports Before Health Care!

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Its full name is Couva Children’s Hospital and Multi-Training Centre for Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacology and Optometry.

The facility was designed to “make the most advanced medical services available to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, with special emphasis on the needs of children.”

The hospital was projected to be a full-service paediatric facility “with state-of-the-art clinical services complemented by teaching facilities for medical specialists.”

One tower has 150 beds for adults.

Another tower includes 80 beds for children and women.

There are departments in virtually all disciplines of medical care.

They include burns and plastics, which is a long-standing need in light of the proximity to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

Taxpayers paid almost $1 billion for the project, which stands on 60 acres of real estate.

The facility, off the Solomon Hochoy Highway, has 620 vehicle parks, great topography, is environmentally attractive and is easily accessible.

The previous government officially commissioned the hospital last August, albeit without deployment of the requisite staff.

The current administration has declined to put the facility to use, arguing insufficient medical personnel to properly operate the giant hospital.

Representatives of the previous government has called for the hospital to be put to use on a piecemeal basis and that professional staff be recruited or be drawn from other facilities.

The self-contained centralised facility remains tightly shut, even while there is need for need for more medical health care.

A few miles down the highway, the Rowley regime is moving to complete the long-stalled Brian Lara Stadium.

There have been some national discussions on the priority placed to another sporting facility ahead of a crucial medical care venture.

The Lara Stadium is not far from the under-used Mannie Ramjohn Stadium and just a bit further form the Ato Boldon Stadium, which is also seldom utilised.

What are your thoughts on the government’s priorities?

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