Social media post of PM sleeping …”IMAM VEX”

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If no media was present at Eid celebrations at the Macoon Street Jamaat last Friday, how come a picture of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley sleeping ended up on social media?

It had to be a member of the Jamaat, or a guest who put that photograph on social media which went viral. The media was not invited to the event and no journalists were inside the mosque.

It caused the head of the Jamaat, Imam Raffaic Mohamed, to call a news conference on Sunday to denounce the social media posting.

Mohammed said the photograph showing what appeared to be Rowley asleep during Eil celebrations at the mosque was disrespectful and in bad taste.

The photograph being circulated on social media showed Rowley leaning against a wall with his eyes closed.

Mohammed said the leaked photograph was not only disrespectful to the Office of the Prime Minister but to the Office of the Imam, members of the Jamaat and the Muslim community.

Mohammed added, “You disrespect the office of the Prime Minister. You disrespect the office of the Imam. You disrespect the Jamaat members. You disrespect the Muslim community. When news come to you, verify the truth less you harm people.”

Mohamed said the Prime Minister arrived as the mosque as the president was delivering an overview of the income and expenditure over the past year.

He said, “Any human being, sitting in an audience and waiting to give a presentation would relax and wait.”

Mohamed said the Masjid was not affiliated with any political party and everyone was welcome to attend.

Told the media was not responsible for posting the photograph, Mohamed said he was disappointed in whoever was responsible.

“Whoever did it, it was disrespectful. There were no media here. He was sitting and leaned back so. It happened to me too, so how come this negative approach? I was at the side of him, I was in conversation with him at every moment.”

Mohamed said he was not asked by the Government to speak on the issue but thought it was his responsibility to tell citizens the truth.

Inline image

Inline image
Imam Raffaic Mohamed

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