Shootout between 2 cops …”CHARGES TO FOLLOW”

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The two police officers who shot each other several times on Wednesday night at Grand Bazaar, face numerous charges when they are released from hospital.

One officer was hospitalized and the other released after receiving medical attention at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

The two officers were identified as Sgt Darryl Honore and Corporal Danell Melville. Cpl Melville being discharged around 7 am on Thursday. He is expected to seek further treatment at a private nursing home.

Sgt Honore is assigned to the Couva Police Station while Cpl Melville is a member of the Inter Agency Task Force, (IATF).

The shooting took place over allegations of infidelity. This was the reason for the shooting and amazingly, no one died.

Persons who witnessed the shootout assisted the injured officers. The guns used in the shootout were not stolen and remained at the crime scene until police were able to retrieve the two 9 mm pistols and two magazines with one containing eight live rounds.

An eyewitness said she had just gone to Grand Bazaar and was parking in front of Ruby Tuesday when the shooting started.

“Well, I remained in my car until I saw them run off southwards. I stayed in the car and then I saw people running in the direction of the two men whom I later learnt were police officers. When I felt it was safe, I came out. It was then I heard the story behind the shooting.

“Luckily, innocent people were not killed. This was so scary. When I thought there was safe, I would have to think again,” she added.

A senior officer of the Northern Division has been assigned to investigate the incident. What is certain is that these two officers face numerous charges arising out of Wednesday night’s incident.

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