Shocking report reveals kids and adults abusing kids, incest and more

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One-year-old kids sexually abused, says Children’s Authority


A total of 4,158 children in need of care, protection and rehabilitation were brought to the attention of the Children’s Authority in the nine months leading to February 17.

Of those children, 915 – or about one in five – were sexually abused.

A whopping majority – 86.8 per cent – were girls.

A total of 148 boys were reported as sexually abused.

Of those, 26.5 per cent were between the ages of four and six.

And 22.3 per cent were between the ages of 10 and 13.

In a report, just released, the Authority said the majority of children being sexually abused were between 10 and 15 years old.

The Authority further identified 23.9 per cent as being between 10 and 13 years.

A total of 17.4 per cent of the sexually-abused children were from San Juan – Laventille, followed by Tunapuna -Piarco (13.3 per cent), Couva – Tabaquite – Talparo (9.6), Port of Spain (7.3), Diego Martin (7) and Sangre Grande (5).

Six per cent each came from Princes Town and Chaguanas, 4.5 per cent each form Debe-Penal and San Fernando, 3.8 per cent from Siparia, 2.8 per cent from Tobago, 2.4 per cent from Rio Claro-Mayaro and 2 per cent from Point Fortin.

The breakdown of sexual abuse of boys is as follows: San Juan – Laventille (22.3 per cent), Tunapuna – Piarco (10.1), Couva – Tabaquite – Talparo (9.5), Chaguanas (8.8), Diego Martin and Port of Spain (8.1 each).

Also, Princes Town (6.8 per cent), Penal – Debe (4.7), Rio Claro – Mayaro (2.7), Point Fortin, Siparia and Sangre Grande (2 per cent each) and Tobago (1.4).

The Authority said that for the nine months period, there were 195 cases of children sexually abusing children, with 72 per cent being girls.

Just over half (55.8 per cent) were under age 10, with 9. 2 per cent between the ages of one and three.

A total of 29.2 per cent were aged four to six, 17.4 per cent between seven and nine, and 24.1 per cent between 10 and 13.

Of the cases of sexual abuse reported, the most number (46.35) involved penetration, 32.19 per cent were sexual touching and the others being of various other acts.

Incest cases amounted to 6.01 per cent.

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