Sharlene died from suffocation …THE KILLER REMAINS FREE

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Sharlene Somai died as a result of suffocation, according to an autopsy performed on Friday.

And her killer (s) remain free as the lone suspect was released by the police as investigations continue.

Somai, 23, lived with her husband, Suraj Toolsie, and their four-year-old son at her family’s home in Petersfield, Chaguanas. Last Tuesday night, around 8 o’clock, Somai said she going to a nearby par­lour to get a phone card. She never returned home.

Her husband later told investigators he was at home when his wife went to the nearby parlour. Ten minutes later, he left with their son to go to the gas station.

Toolsie said he returned home and put their son to bed, but his wife was not there. Somai’s cellphone was found on the floor in the porch, he said.

Her body was found on Thursday in bushes near her home. It was clad only in a T-Shirt. However, the results of the autopsy revealed she was not sexually assaulted.

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