Senior cop’s weapon found in same car searched day before …”GUN TURNS UP…JUST SO”

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An amazing discovery!

A gun assigned to a senior officer went missing from his car. The car was searched and nothing was found. The following day, the car was searched and suddenly, the gun was found.

But the authorities kept that a secret and insisted that the gun was missing. It took the authorities six days to admit that the gun was found in the same car which was searched and where the gun was missing.

TT Whistleblower, on December 2, asked the investigating officer if it was true that the gun was found and that it was in the possession of another senior officer. Is it true that the gun was left in a toilet, found by a junior officer who passed it on to a senior officer? It is true that the find was kept a secret for days?

Acting ACP Radcliffe Boxill made a report to the Central Police Station, on St Vincent Street, that he secured his vehicle at the basement of the Police Administration Building on November 28 at around 8 am and when he returned at about 5 pm, his vehicle appeared to have been tampered with and his pistol was missing.

A search was carried out but the gun was not found. The next day, Boxhill told his superiors that he did not do a proper check and the weapon was found in the vehicle.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Deodath Dulalchan, confirmed that the gun was found and that he was now in charge of the investigation. He said he could not comment any further because of the investigation.

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