Senator Singh: I will not change

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Temporary Independent Senator Dr. Kriyann Singh says he would not censor his posts on Facebook.

Singh said he would continue to speak out on issues of the day, including the crime situation.

Singh also denied that he is racist and that he has an anti-PNM agenda.

“I will not change who I am,” Singh said on morning television on Wednesday.

He said he would “remain who I am” whether or not he is in the Senate.

He stressed that he does not dislike any members of Parliament.

In fact, he said he enjoys good relations on the floor of the Senate.

He said that he thinks “outside the box.”

He stated that he never intended to be disrespectful, but that he aims “to provoke thoughts.”

He said that “Parliament is not a war room” but “a place of debate.”

Singh has been the butt of criticisms from some about certain posts on social media, which are said to be anti-PNM and critical of women.

He said that he had also criticised the People’s Partnership administration.

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