Senator asks: In what capacity did Junkere attend meeting with AG?

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In what capacity did Justin Junkere attend a meeting with Attorney General Faris Al Rawi on May 9?

Junkere had not yet taken his oath of office as an independent senator.

He took that oath the next day, May 10.

Junkere was appointed a temporary senator, in place of David Small.

But Small chaired a parliamentary committee on May 10, and, therefore, would have been in Trinidad and Tobago by May 9.

This analysis was aired by temporary senator Taurel Shrikissoon in the Upper House on Tuesday.

Shrikissoon asked in what capacity was Junkere invited to the meeting with Al Rawi.

He said he is “not too happy” about the events.

He stated that he raised the matter in the context of preserving independent institutions.

Shrikissoon said that independent institutions are under threat.

Al Rawi had called a meeting of independent senators to discuss the controversial amendments to the Strategic Services Agency Bill.

Junkere was one of only two independent senators to attend the meeting.

He was also one of only two independent senators to vote for the legislation.

The other seven independent senators voted against the Bill.

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