Selling cocaine to school children …”COCONUT VENDOR NABBED”

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For years, it was alleged that coconut vendors around the Queen’s Park Savannah were plying a brisk drug trade.

The buyers were not only adults but school children.

So, after years of complaints, the police finally acted on Sunday morning resulting in the arrest of a 55 year-old coconut vendor. He was arrested during a joint exercise with officers of the Port of Spain CID and Task Force around the Queen’s Park Savannah, near the Queen’s Royal College.

Around 2 am, officers of the St Clair Police Station observed the vendor acting suspiciously and searched the cart he was using to sell the fruits.

A quantity of cocaine and other paraphernalia used to cut the drugs were found inside. It is believed this vendor operated a brisk drug trade uptown Port of Spain and inn Woodbrook.

Officers reportedly took the man to the St Clair Police Station for processing but complained of feeling unwell while in a holding cell at the station. The suspect who is diabetic, was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Investigators confirmed they have received numerous reports of the man’s activities and conducted surveillance on his activities for weeks before his arrest. Senior officers said the man’s activities first aroused suspicion when he was observed in the early hours of the morning after other vendors had left for the day.

Police suspect the coconut vendor may be part of a wider drug ring and vowed to maintain a more visible presence throughout the area.

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