Seeking political asylum in UK …”ARCHIE’S FRIEND BUSS IT”

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Dillian Johnson, a close associate of Chief Justice Ivor Archie, is in England seeking political asylum.

He fears that someone wants to kill him in Trinidad, and therefore, he is taking no chances.

According to reports, Johnson left Trinidad last Friday aboard a British Airways flight. On his arrival at Gatwick International Airport on Saturday morning, Johnson informed immigration officials about the reason for him being in England.

Johnson was questioned at length, taken to a private room, and later whisked away to a location in London for safe keeping. However, he is not being guarded. No one can say how long Johnson will remain in England, but he is adamant he will not return to Trinidad because someone wants him dead. His application to become a refugee has not been dealt with as yet.

Johnson added, “When I got here, I went to the Immigration officials and told them I wanted to seek political asylum because my life was in danger and I had been threatened.”

Johnson, who was shot and wounded in December, is seeking refuge from the British because of threats on his life. Johnson named attorney Dexter Bailey as his lawyer.

But when contacted on Wednesday, Bailey denied being retained by Johnson to represent him in this matter. “I am familiar with Mr Johnson.

“He is somebody I know. I have had discussions with Mr Johnson, but I have not been formally retained by Mr Johnson. At this stage his official attorney is Miss Thalia Francis.”

Bailey added, “I can confirm that he (Johnson) is out of the jurisdiction, but I do not do that as his official attorney.”

Johnson shot into the limelight last year after he revealed to the media that Archie had attempted to influence Supreme Court judges to change their State-provided security in favour of a private security company with which he (Johnson) was employed.

In December, Johnson was shot in the hand by a gunman. Johnson was seated in the porch of his Springvale, Gasparillo home when at 10.30 pm, he was shot.

He was treated at the San Fernando General Hospital and later discharged.

In media interviews, Johnson later confirmed he was on suspension from his Project Superintendent post at the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), pending investigations into allegations that he caused junior employees to carry out private work outside of the confines of the authority’s remit and for which the authority was billed.

Johnson was also sentenced to perform 200 hours of community service in 2008, after pleading guilty to uttering forged documents bearing the names of Magistrates Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor and David Harris.

The documents were letters of reference addressed to the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) where Johnson was seeking employment. Johnson was one of 12 people who a high-ranking official in the Judiciary assisted in obtaining HDC houses, by fast tracking their applications.

On Wednesday, Archie met with three attorneys at the Hall of Justice,  Port of Spain – Ian Benjamin, Ian Roach, and Marcelle Ferdinand.

But the burning question is – who wants Johnson dead and why?
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