Second autopsy on Shannon’s body… COPS: IS MURDER, BUT HOW DID SHE DIE?

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The body of missing bank employee Shannon Banfield was so decayed that an autopsy performed on Friday could not say exactly how she died.
When discovered on the third floor of IAM and Company on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, on Thursday, Shannon’s body had already started to decay. She was dressed in her bank uniform, her shoes were off, and items bought by Pennywise on Monday afternoon, lay next to her body which was hidden under some boxes. In other words, who ever killed her, placed her body under the boxes and they disappeared.
Without a cause of death, can the police charged anyone with her death?
The answer is yes. Remember the case of Vindra Naipaul-Coolman? Twelve men were charged with her murder even though there was no body and no cause of death.
Remember the case of Dalip Singh? He was convicted and hanged even though the body of Thelma Haynes was never recovered at sea.
After Friday’s autopsy, the results remain inconclusive. But the pathologist, Dr Hughvon Des Vignes, is not giving up. Des Vignes took samples for testing, which will take some times to produce results.
But a second autopsy is expected to be performed to determine how exactly Shannon died. The police know Shannon was murdered, and without seeing any visible marks on the decaying body, believe she could have been strangled.
Meanwhile, the two IAM Company Ltd employees, detained on Thursday night, remain in custody. Dale Seecharan and Matthew Maharaj, who are from San Juan, have not cooperated with the police, sources revealed.
Banfield, of Mc Carthy Street, Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz, was last seen leaving Republic Bank, Independence Square branch,  around 4 pm on Monday.
In a telephone conversation with her mother Sherry-Ann Lopez around that time, Banfield had said she was leaving work to purchase items at Pennywise and IAM. Lopez said she would normally drop off and pick up her daughter from work, but she  decided to travel on Monday. She never made it to the taxi stand.
Banfield’s body was discovered hidden under some boxes in company’s third floor storeroom around 2 pm on Thursday by a security guard who was searching for the source of a strong decomposing scent which they believe was a dead rat.
IshmaelAli, owner of IAM, revealed that his two employees, turned suspects, were recently hired by his company.
“It is 50 years we in business. All of our employees have been working 19 years and 26 years, we don’t really have too much new employees like those two,” he said.
While he said the incident was very worrying, Ali said he would be attempting to reopen the business by next week to take advantage of Christmas shoppers.
“Its is Christmas time and business has been rough so we want to open back. But the place must be fumigated first and the employees have to get some counseling because they are all shaken up,” Ali said.
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