Searches resume on Saturday …WHERE IS NYASHA?

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Mystery surrounds the disappearance of Woman Police Constable Nyasha Joseph.

According to reports, Joseph, 22, was reported missing on Thursday and has not been seen since, despite searches being made for her in Sea Lots, Beetham, and the landfill site.

A suspect, 39, is in custody and is believed to have been involved in the disappearance of the mother of one. Searches continue on Saturday for Joseph, who was last attached to the Morvant Police Station.

A missing person’s report was filed by Joseph’s mother, Paula Guy, at Besson Street Police Station.

Guy told police on Thursday night that her daughter left their Marie Road, Morvant home during the morning period saying she was going out to deal with police business.

When Joseph failed to return home, her mother made several calls to her cellular phone but got no reply. She then went to the police station and filed a report. There are conflicting reports as to where Joseph lived – Morvant with her mother, or at Sea Lots with her boyfriend.

Police received information that a man, believed to be Joseph’s boyfriend, had confided to an associate that he had killed the officer and disposed of her body in the area.

The suspect insisted he does not know of Joseph’s whereabouts but his neighbours told police she was seen with him at his home on Thursday morning.

As a result, several departments of the Police Service, including the Canine Unit, went in search of Joseph. After a full day of searches on Friday, the officer was not located. The searches raised eyebrows in the various communities.

Joseph was scheduled to return to duty on Friday after a two-day break. When she did not turn up for work, her colleagues called her cell phone, but all calls went unanswered.

Police are working on the theory that Joseph’s disappearance had to do with a domestic situation. Persons from the Sea Lots area have given the police vital information, but despite all this, Joseph is still missing.

The longer it takes to find her, the longer hope remains for her to be alive.

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