As search continues for missing WPC …2 COPS QUESTIONED

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As the search continues for missing police officer, Nyasha Joseph, two of her male colleagues have been questioned  over her disappearance.

According to investigators, the two male colleagues, were believed to have been very close to Joseph during her short time she has been a police officer. Joseph joined the police service in November 2016.

While the two policemen were questioned, a 39 year-old man from Sea Lots remains in police custody. Police said the suspect has been in a relationship with Joseph, but told investigators, he does not know where the woman is.

Police are also looking into the possibility that Joseph could be a victim of gangland activities in the Sea Lots area. Joseph’s mother, Paula Guy, said when her daughter left her Marie Trace, Morvant home last Thursday, she said she was going out to do police business and that was the last time she saw her. Guy said Joseph would never leave home without contacting the family and she is fearful that something has taken place.

Coast Guard divers searched the waters near several sunken derelict ships near Sea Lots on Sunday.
Police received information that Joseph’s body was dumped in front of a sunken Chinese ship in Sea Lots, however Coast Guard divers were unable to locate the body. Air Guard officers also carried out searches from the air.

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