Seales happy with Commissioner’s salary …”$40,000 FOR GARY”

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Gary Griffith, the new Commissioner of Police, has proposed a salary of $40,000. And Government has accepted it!

Michael Seales, President of the Police Social and Welfare Association, is happy with that figure.

Griffith described the figure as bare minimum, stating that if the monthly wage of a Commissioner of Police was $5,000 he would have accepted the job.

He added, “The fact of the matter is I don’t need the funds. Through inheritance from my parents, through previous businesses that I had, I am very comfortable in life. So having the need for financial gain and trying to get an exorbitant salary is not on my priority at all.”

Griffith said “it would have been inappropriate and it would show poor leadership for me to try and ask for any exorbitant salary even though it would have most probably been accepted based on the precedent set by former Dwayne Gibbs.”

Griffith said he took the country’s financial situation into account.

He said his contractual agreement did not fall under the Salaries Review Commission (SRC).

The new Police Chief said his negotiation was similar to Gibbs who negotiated with the Government based on two factors he was a foreigner so there was displacement, and that had he applied for the Commissioner’s position in the private sector he would have received a top range salary as a result of his qualifications and experience.

Gibbs’ contract allowed a monthly salary of $125,000.

Griffith said with the Commissioner’s current salary of $31,080 under the SRC, plus other remunerations, he could have applied for upwards of $60,000 pay packet.

Griffith added, “That is what I could have applied for and requested. However, what I submitted to the permanent secretary was nowhere in line with what was placed in the Express newspaper of $135,000. I did just the opposite. What I have asked for is the bare minimum and trying to keep it comparative to the outgoing Commissioner.”

Griffith said he also looked at a salary that was below a Cabinet minister who is paid $41,000.

In response, Seales commended Griffith for proposing a salary of $40,000.

Seales added, “It is interesting that Griffith would have taken a position that he has to consider the compensation of policemen and policewomen in relation to his own compensation. Additionally, we find it noble that he has linked his compensation that it should not be more than a ministerial appointment, so the association lauds that.”

Seales said the association is also seeing in this proposal by Griffith that compensation for the new commissioner must take into consideration two factors, “one being that you have to compensate him in such a way because it is a contractual arrangement and he will not enjoy the right of a pension, and that factor is a saleable right which can be used to enhance his compensation; and the other part is that because a gratuitous payment will be made on conclusion of the contract, that it should be taken into account, because it is a percentage of basic compensation, and for that the association is saying that critical consideration must be made to ensure that those figures will enhance his compensation.”

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