“Sat Maharaj welcomes Weekes…but”

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Sat Maharaj, the spiritual leader of the Satya Anand Ashram, temple of Peace and Bliss extends congratulations to both the Government and the Opposition in proposing Madame Justice Paula Mae Weekes to the post of President of Trinidad and Tobago.

“It is about time that the Government be seen to be working in the interest of all people of our great nation.

Ms. Weekes is a breath of fresh air in what has always been a male dominated role. It is both important that Ms. Weekes use what ever power or influence she has to stem the tide of violence in homes where so many of her sisters have fallen victim to domestic dispute. She brings with a hope for a new face of the Presidency, one that we as citizens can look to with anticipation. While Ms. Weekes has been nominated unopposed my concern is that all major office holders in this country continue to be of non Hindu Origin and and is reflective of the PNM of pre 1986. Without casting aspersions on the goodly Ms. Weekes, I fear that the PNM still can not find a good Hindu for any high office.

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