Rowley’s visit to China …”WHERE IS DWIGHT YORKE?”

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THE EDITOR: An official visit by a Prime Minister is a very carefully crafted, planned and executed event by a host country. And this is no ordinary host country; this is China where diplomacy and protocol are observed with strict protocol and etiquette.

This seems to be a very watered down Official Visit.

Is it because the invitation discussions were self-initiated?

I shudder to think that any group of senior business executives will be invited by their Govt to meet with a visiting Head of Govt and show up casually attired as did the T&T Minister of Foreign Affairs Dennis Moses who apparently forgot his tie at the hotel.

But more importantly, who are these business executives, their names, their positions and the Corporations they belong to?

What type of FDI do they bring to the table to be meeting with the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister on his Official Visit to China?

Were there any Govt of China officials present at the talks; if so who are they?

Where is the China’s Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago? Is he in China to received the Head of Govt of the country to which he represents as is the protocol?

BTW, in all the photo advisories from the OPM, there is no mention of photo of Dwight York? Where is he in all these so-called high level meetings?

Capil Bissoon

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