Rowley relaxes visa requirements …”FLOOD GATES OPENED”

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With Trinidad and Tobago facing the increase in Venezuelan arrivals, comes word that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is relaxing visa requirements for Chinese nationals entering this country.

With the Ministry of National Security and the Immigration Department unable to handle the situation, Rowley is opening the doors for more Chinese to come to Trinidad and Tobago…..and to stay here.

Already, there are numerous Chinese in this country, a lot of them illegal, and many who are the target of bandits.

Facts are facts and they show that several Chinese businessmen have either been killed or robbed….the last being one businessman in Arima last week.

The Immigration Department has not been able to curb the increase in arrival of Venezuelans, Cubans, Chinese, Africans, Jamaicans, and Guyanese.

It has gotten out of hand to the point where the Venezuelans are visible every where. Last week, a female Latino caused a police officer to be suspended for wearing his uniform at the Morvant Police Station.

During his trip to China on Wednesday, Rowley announced plans to relax the visa requirements for Chinese coming to Trinidad.

Rowley announced that once Chinese citizens hold either a United States or Canadian visa then they could also be eligible to travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

Will this boost our tourism industry, or would this led to the increase in illegal Chinese operating in this country?

For the Chinese, this will be a good thing. For our citizens, this may be a bigger strain on the economy.

Most of these Chinese businessmen have no bank accounts so they keep their money on their premises. Some of them operate illegal gambling operations so they become targets of criminals.
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