Rowley PNM irritable and nervous as lies exposed

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Psychology Today published a very telling article in 2014, ‘9 ways to tell who’s lying to you, which in a strange coincidence showed up in a blog-feed email yesterday while the House of Representatives was in session.

And had Trinidad and Tobago’s economic circumstances not been so dire, and worrisome because of the chronic deception and incompetence that defines the Rowley PNM Government, the Parliamentary sitting on Monday 25 April could have been humorous.

Among the ‘9 ways to tell who’s lying’ are:

  • Makes spontaneous corrections;
  • Keeps it short and vague;
  • Doesn’t make sense and is full of contradictions;
  • Seems to be thinking hard;
  • Is nervous, tense, and fidgety, and
  • Talks unusually slowly, almost rehearsed

The Government bench in Parliament had suddenly become the ultimate epitome of this telling psychology study.

What has become clear is that the Opposition bench, aggressively led by former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, is tactically and strategically out-witting the Rowley PNM.

With a puppet Speaker beguiled by her PNM loyalty, UNC MPs have decided that if they are blocked from saying outright that the Rowley PNM lies on every major current issue, and how, they will intelligently twist the collective arm of the PNM and eventually force them to admit to the lies on their own.

The Parliamentary sitting on Monday has in fact made clear while Rowley was in 2015 able to capitalise on the fears he himself incited with mass manipulation and distortion, he is woefully out of his league standing toe-to-toe with the wit, experience, intellect and charm of Persad-Bissessar.

And as a weak leader, of a group of shady, pathological politicians, Rowley’s campaign of deception was bound to backfire, as it did last Monday.

Imbert’s idiots

As you would by now expect, wherever there are lies, distortions and conmanship at play, Imbert is on his feet and in full flight.

It was while the Caroni Central MP, Dr Bhoe Tewarie was making a point that a crude cry of ‘idiot’ crossed the floor and came through the Parliament Channel.

Dr Tewarie responded with a calm and calculated aggression that seemed to confuse shady Imbert, prompting him to leap to his feet and hysterically accused the Opposition of ‘imputing improper motives.’!

Had we not been familiar with the shady, dubious and dishonest persona of the PNM, it might actually have left us confused as well.

So Imbert, as he has done on at least seven previous occasions, called a man whose academic, corporate, civil service and political experience and skill dwarfs him further, an idiot.

But when his usual posture of just lie, deflect and blame the UNC backfired, all he was left to say was “…but, but I wasn’t calling him an idiot, I was calling someone else an idiot.”

Imbert at that moment became the only idiot, for after 20 years in Parliament not having the decorum or basic intelligence to know that the word is crude and unacceptable.

Hinds – the literary connoisseur? Or dilettante?

Entering a debate that had fundamentally to do with the impact of senseless fiscal measures by the Rowley PNM, the ever superfluous Fitzgerald Hinds thought his first priority was to correct Dr Roodal Moonilal’s use of the word ‘tinillate’ insisting with his odious pretence that the word does not exist.

Despite the Rowley PNM’s new reputation of mismanaging a nation of citizens where some are even driven to suicide, Hinds was flabbergasted and went so far as to quote a House Standing Order that debates should be in proper English.

Perhaps one can understand Hinds’ revulsion. He is an Attorney who has never achieved as much as a traffic offence win; a former Junior Minister of National Security who sat and smiled when murders were multiplying like rabbits, and as a former Opposition Senator who was so inept, that not even a half-wit like Rowley could tolerate him for five years.

The truth is that the word ‘tinillate’ is used frequently in describing food, and is also used to describe excitement and scintillation.

The IMF is here so we don’t have to go to the IMF(?)

Hinds’ twisted PNM view of reality was such that, even after Rowley roughed him up and chased him from the Port of Spain Waterfront, he even went on to defend the fact that the shady Imbert has now brought in IMF and World Bank advisors to help him do his job.

Trinidad and Tobago has an Economic Development Board that has said a grand total of NOTHING since shady Imbert started systematically destabilising the local economy. And after months of paying a high-level team of experts, and ignoring that advice, the Rowley PNM went further to appoint two new members recently.

But Hinds’ insisted that the Government knows what it is doing, taking as long as five minutes to say it, and when the intellect of the Opposition backed him into a corner, he resorted to the most idiotic argument that possibly even the PNM has ever heard.

The reason the shady Imbert has now quietly brought the IMF and World Bank in to subcontract him job to foreign agencies, was to prevent us from ever having to resort to the IMF or the World Bank.

Yes, that’s it! Hinds’ explanation was that Imbert took us to the IMF and World Bank so that we can avoid going to the IMF and World Bank.

And while any slightly sensible person would immediately try to turn and deflect from such convoluted idiocy, Hinds’ puffed his chest when the Government bench brayed and pounded the desks in defense of such verbose and senseless PNMism.

Camille’s ‘watch me nae nae,watch me whip whip’

The comedy of abject stupidity didn’t stop there.

Camille Robinson Regis became so agitated that the UNC was outfoxing, outmaneuvering and outwitting her simpleton colleagues that she entered the debate despite having not been scheduled to speak.

Robinson-Regis was in a previous PNM Government found to have seriously abused a Government credit card to fulfill her dreams of owning an endless supply of horse-hair, obscenely ostentatious costume jewelry, sparkling lighting fixtures and fertility treatment.

Despite ignorance of the law is always no excuse, Robinson-Regis somehow escaped charges of misbehavior.

On returning as a front-liner of the Rowley PNM slate, she became the first person to trigger serious questions about her conduct as a Minister, with even the Integrity Commission expressing an interest in the circumstances of her deposit of almost $100,000 to a private bank account.

And it gets worse, when the announcement was made that T&T improved in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), of all people, Robinson-Regis commented on it saying it had to do with the election of the PNM. Regrettable; an alleged Minister of Planning didn’t know that the CPI was based on Government performance two years before.

And this is the person who donned her best horse-hair wig and launched into an indignant tirade because Dr Tewarie dared to speak about public management issues that she hasn’t the capacity to understand.

She said that the Caroni Central MP “is not very honest about the PNM’s work”. Let’s set aside the ‘PNM work’oxymoron for just a moment.

Robinson-Regis launched into a squeaky and fumbling outburst that there has never been a Government that worked for all the people as the PNM. And also boasted about being the party that reduced VAT, accusing businesses of hurting people, not the PNM.

Yes, despite such as statement being tantamount to a mocking joke, this is what she said.

She probably forgot that her Government has so far increased the cost of transport by two fuel increase of over 30 percent, increased the Business Levy and Green Fund Levy by 200%. Only Robinson-Regis can find the logic in saying that 2.5% must be able to offset 230% in price increases.

She also probably forgot that number of cases taken the Privy Council to find the PNM Government that she was a senior member of, of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity.

She also clearly forgot that her Government left every corruptly managed PNM mega-project over budget, incomplete and with allocations depleted, despite no part of the $7 Billion debt to contractors ever being made to contractors. Billions of dollars that were allocated by a national budget went missing and was never explained.

In fact, rather than reminding her of every act of malfeasance of her party in recent times, I would just urge her to read more about:

(i)      The threat that the Rowley PNM poses to this country;

(ii)      The poverty that results from PNM administration;

(iii)     The violence and crime that the PNM has always supported;

(iv)     The hopelessness the PNM’s failures always creates, and

(v)      The habit of deceit, shamelessness, corruption and idiocy that the PNM represents

And while she’s at it, she might want to read about the repulsive resurgence of PNM corruption, after just a few months in office.

Is we do de’ CNG ting

Robinson-Regis didn’t stop there either. With a seven month old Rowley PNM Government having only achieved failure, stagnation, unemployment, poverty and decline by their rank incompetence, Robinson-Regis’s voice crackled when she tried to say that the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station was opened by the PNM by Patrick Manning.

By now, Robinson-Regis’ legs were far too wobbly to stop. The former Prime Minister’s battle of wits with the Rowley PNM caused so much agitation that she said the UNC “never do nothing for CNG”.

Well of course by now we all know it was a deliberate lie, especially with her vehemence that it was true. There is just nothing the PNM says that can be trusted.

So referring to a past PNMite who was smart enough to disassociate with the degenerate Rowley PNM, Mariano Browne, this is what he had to say on 13th November 2008 in the Parliament, debating the “Excise Duty Order

Browne said: “Firstly it is recognized that current usage of CNG is low. The use of CNG as a fuel started around 1990.” At that time, the NAR held Government. And further progress on CNG was made by the 1995-2001 Basdeo Panday Administration.

Further, it was the Kamla Persad-Bissessar Administration of 2010 to 2015 that implemented fiscal incentives for the conversion to CNG. These incentives included:

(i)      MVT and VAT removed on imported new and used (less than 2 years old) OEM natural gas vehicles;

(ii)      Removal of duty on components for the retrofit of vehicles;

(iii)     For non-business – 25% tax credit for conversion cost up to a limit of $2,500 per vehicle, and

(iv)     For business – capital uplift of 130% for wear and tear allowance+

‘Zero-rated food never help nobody’

As she started losing steam, perhaps satisfied that she was able to restore the distortions that have been used to deceive the nation for the past eight months, Robinson-Regis whipped the horse-hair again, saying that ‘zero rating food never help nobody’.

And as you will by now expect, that was a lie. In fact, not just a lie, but an insult and arrogant denial of the hardships their incompetence and failure have caused to all families of this country.

As a result of the ill-conceived fiscal adjustments, development and put forward by persons who haven’t the skill to operate a mini-mart, inflation moved from historic low levels under the Persad-Bissessar Administration to a high of 9.6%.

In fact, the bungling combination of divergent measures into a toxic fiscal environment triggered inflation immediately as the VAT adjustment was made in February 2016. At that time, inflation was at its lowest in five years, largely on account of zero-rating basic food items keeping prices manageable.

Not just shameless, but pathological

This is the reason why the Rowley PNM can only be described as pathological liars who have no concept of the challenges they met, no idea of how they have worsened our circumstances, and absolutely no ability for the truth!

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