Roodal Moonilal says PNM Government could fall …”LOOK OUT FOR BOMBSHELL”

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Oropouche East MP, Dr Roodal Moonilal, is promising to unleash a bombshell which could having the effect of crashing this PNM Government.

“This Government could fall with this bombshell,” Moonilal said on Tuesday.

Moonilal pointed out that if Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley is upset with him now, it will get worse in 2018 as the UNC is piecing together something so big it could bring down the government and affect other countries as well.

Last Friday, Moonilal made a statement in Parliament, which was later withdrawn at the request of the Speaker of the House. But what he said made its way onto the social media circuit.

That caused Rowley to become upset, although he was not in Parliament when Moonilal spoke. Rowley has since threatened legal action against Moonilal and those who spread the allegations.

Moonilal responded, “I was really asking the Attorney General to follow the money which is his crusade. He has been on a crusade to follow the money.  There appears to be a screen shot of an email which made it into the public domain.

“If Dr Rowley is upset now, this is just the beginning. There are many more revelations to come out of the AV fake oil matter. This is a matter which four Governments could fall. It has to do with money moving from Trinidad to other jurisdictions. There are payments inside Trinidad and abroad. And there is a frightening revelation that this could involve money laundering on American soil.”

Moonilal continued, “I do not fear Rowley. I have been bitten by dogs before. Nobody has accused his family of anything. I have not accused him of anything.”

Although he said he was not fearful of the Prime Minister, Moonilal said he will be stepping up security around him and his family.

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