Rohan Sinanan: No Shortage of stickers …TRANSPORT BOSS: “NONE RIGHT NOW”

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Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, made heavy weather on Monday that there is no shortage of stickers for the inspection of vehicles five years and older.

This was after the Police Service revealed it was on a drive for those errant owners whose vehicles have not been inspected. The fine is a hefty $5,000.

Well, on Wednesday morning, the Transport Commissioner revealed that there are no stickers at the Licencing Office in Port-of-Spain. A big notice is on the door on Wrightson Road which states, “Please be advised there would be no inspection stickers available until further notice due to machine problems.”

Speaking in House of Representatives on Monday, Sinanan sought to assure motorists that the inspection stickers were available at all Licensing offices throughout the country.

He was responding to an urgent question, as to whether the inspection stickers are available, in light of a warning regarding a $5000 fine for not having a sticker.

“At the Licensing Division, there are adequate stickers, books and complete packages for purchase by the owners of the private vehicular testing stations. All outstanding backlog has been cleared and stickers have been available for both private and commercial vehicles at all inspection centres and four licensing officers; Port of Spain, Caroni, San Fernando and Tobago.

“In that regard, any private vehicle owner going to any inspection centre must insist that they receive a sticker. Failure to do so, the vehicle owner has a duty to report the inspection centre to the Licensing Division immediately.”

Asked if he was aware that persons who had their vehicle inspected last year have not received their stickers, Sinanan said he was aware that there was an issue last year however, it has since been rectified.
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