Roget calls for general elections …”ROWLEY, A LAZY MAN”

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A deviant Ancel Roget has called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to call general elections now.

At a press conference on Thursday morning, Roget feels Rowley should call the elections before he, Rowley, crashes this country.

Surrounded by his comrades, Roget said Rowley was a very lazy man.
“Imagine, Rowley said he was at home at 5.30 going to bed or changing his clothes when the earthquake struck. Patrick Manning would never be home at 5.30, he would have been at work.”

Roget said the decision of the Prime Minister to shut down the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery and send workers home was a reprisal against the Oilfield Workers Trade Union. He said the whole business of shutting down Petrotrin was to get rid of the OWTU.

Roget also attacked Minister of Energy Franklin Khan. Khan, he said, pointed out that Petrotrin had the country in a black hole and if the situation was not arrested soon, the economy could crash.

“There will be no black hole. Dr Rowley will make the whole country black.”

Roget called on Rowley to reverse the decision on Petrotrin or face the brunt of the trade union movement. He said Rowley had been a total failure – failure in the economy, crime, education, health.

He said the time had come to get rid of Rowley and his Government. He said the Government was not serving the interest of the people, but only the one percent.
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