Residents come out in support …”MARCH AGAINST CRIME”

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A march against crime in Central Trinidad on Tuesday turned out to be a resounding success. And already, plans are being put in place to stage similar marches throughout the country as the cry was everywhere – take back out country.

The Tuesday march was organized by UNC Member of Parliament for Caroni Central, Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie, who must have been pleased with the turnout.

Tewarie said he and his constituents would not allow criminals to run over the community. He said they would not allow criminals to treat constituents as if they are stray dogs in their own community.

He added, “We are not going to allow that, and if we stand together we will be able to build a formidable community for us to be able to work with the police in a constructive way. We are not going to allow the criminals of this country to invade our homes, our churches, our temples.”

Tewarie thanked the police for their support in attending the march. Their presence, he said, shows that there are good police in the community. He called on the community to support the police community support to deal with the criminals.

Tewarie asked, “Will you stand with the police who are cleaning up the place? Are you going to stand against the criminals? Are you going to stand up for yourself? Are you going to be strong and courageous and not allow criminals to overrun your homes, your communities, your churches, your temples, your mosques?”

In recent weeks, Central Trinidad has been under siege from criminals where families and places of worship were attacked and robbed.

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