Released from custody a second time …SUSPECT: “I DID NOT KILL SHANNON”

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Dale Seecharan was released from police custody at midnight, saying he did not kill bank employee, Shannon Banfield.

A tired-looking Seecharan, 38, was walking to freedom a second time in one week, but still not certain, if there will be a third time.

Seecharan, who was employed at IAM and Company, walked out of the Central Police Station, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, with his lawyer.

Upon his release, Seecharan said that he had nothing to do with Shannon’s death.

“I am just relieved this is over. I had nothing to do with this,” Seecharan added.

He thanked his lawyer for assisting him while in custody.

When asked about how he felt now that he was a free man once again, Seecharan responded that he was feeling happy to go home and be with his family.

“I just want to spend time with my family,” Seecharan added.

He said being detained for almost seven days had left him frustrated and tired, but he didn’t know what was the next stage for him.

“I don’t know how to describe it nah. My life took a turn for the worse and I trying to get it all back on track. I have to start all over,” he pondered.

He could not say if he would be moving out of his St Helena home, or how negative a reaction he would have from neighbors or members of the public, given that the police had issued press releases with his face and identification.
“I don’t know, when that time comes we will see,” Seecharan said.

When asked if he remembered seeing Shannon at IAM store on Charlotte Street on December 5, his attorney intervened, and prevented Seecharan from making further comments.

This was the second time Seecharan has been released. He was released by officers of the Homicide Bureau from their offices at Riverside Plaza, Port of Spain, at about 10.p.m. on Monday, after spending four days in police custody.

He then made his way to his home, where he was greeted by family, however, less than four hours later, at 2 am on Tuesday, he was visited by police officers once again. This time, he was informed that he was being kept as a suspect regarding investigations into the larceny of keys.

Seecharan was then taken to the Central Police Station in Port of Spain, where he has been kept in a cell.
Shanon’s body was discovered on December 8 on the third floor of the IAM & Company building along Charlotte Street, Port of Spain. She had been reported missing three days earlier after failing to get home.

An autopsy has since revealed that she was smothered to death.

Shannon, 20, left Republic Bank, Independence Day to go to Pennywise and IAM , both on Charlotte Street. She shopped at Pennywise and then went to IAM. Video footage shows Shannon entering IAM shortly after 5 pm, but there is no recording of her leaving the building that day.

Three days later, her decomposing body was found under some boxes on the third floor. Her Pennywise bags, her lunch bag, and shoes were found nearby.

Her funeral service was held on Tuesday.

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