Rambharat spills the beans …”CROOKS IN MY MINISTRY”

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Politics is politics!

One would expect politicians from one party to attack persons from another party. That is politics. It has been so forever.

But when a Government Minister attacks employees of his Ministry and accused them of fraud, he should have the evidence when he says so.

Clarence Rambharat, Minister of Agriculture, says he has the evidence and will take it to the Fraud Squad. Rambharat has already bounced his head when he caused three senior public servants, including his Permanent Secretary, to be suspended over land-grabbing allegations, only to have to allegations fall flat and the pubic servants exonerated.

But it has not ended there.

Rambharat is on a collision course with more public servants.

He is accused public servants of being involved in fraud in the lease of land at the Orange Grove Estate.

He added, “Orange Grove is State land. Nobody has a lease in Orange Grove. There is one commercial lease, but the farmers don’t have any leases, so they are squatting.

“Some of those names went on a list that was sent to Cabinet in 2015 for approval and was approved in August 2015, but when I looked at that list, I did not see people who I know to be productive farmers in Orange Grove.”

Rambharat said he visited the land himself and after speaking to farmers, he found his suspicions were true and called for an audit of the list.

“When I got the report yesterday, it confirmed what I had thought. For example, ‘John Brown’ was approved by Cabinet, but ‘John Brown’ has never even been on the land. You have ‘Bill Smith,’ who is the farmer farming the land, and what that tells me is that the productive farmers are not the ones getting the land.

“So something in the system is putting forward names that are not farmers.”

Rambharat said there were 200 names on the list, but most of them were not farmers but “people who sit in offices, including in this ministry, and collect money for the land.”

“I can’t say how many, but if I tell you the note approved by Cabinet had 185 names, I don’t believe that half of those are bonafide farmers. There are people in the ministry whose names are on the list and I don’t know them to be farmers. They are working in the ministry. They are entitled like any other citizen in this country to access land, but when I looked at the names, it was not persons who I know to be farming.”

He said in the past, he has passed on information to the Fraud Squad and intends to do the same again.

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Clarence Rambharat 
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Orange Grove Estate

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