Raid on popular Chase Village hotel …”CRACKDOWN ON VENEZUELANS”

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There is a crackdown taking place at certain establishments to pull in illegal immigrants, the main ones being Venezuelans.

Two Venezuelans and another man were held by police at a house in Princes Town on Sunday after two firearms were found.

Police executed a search warrant at a house along Cipero Road. As they searched the rooms, they found an 18-year-old Venezuelan man and 25-year-old Venezuelan woman in the house along with the 29-year-old man.

Further searches yielded a Beretta pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition and a 16-gauge shotgun loaded with one round of ammunition.

They were arrested and taken to the San Fernando Police Station where officers were awaiting the assistance of an interpreter in order to question the Venezuelans. Police said the occupant of the house has several pending court matters for firearm-related offences.

Meanwhile, police detained 35 illegal immigrants suspected of prostitution during a raid at a hotel and bar in central Trinidad, on Sunday morning.

The foreigners, ten men and 25 women, were held as officers of the Port-of-Spain CID raided Rich Gold Hotel and Bar located along the Southern Main Road in Chase Village.

While police suspect they were all engaged in prostitution, they could not charge them for that offence as no one was caught in the act.

Instead, the foreigners, who are from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Guyana, Grenada and Jamaica, were charged for various immigration offences including overstaying their time and entering the country illegally.

Police said some were repeat offenders who were previously deported.

Police also conducted an exercise at the corner of Roberts and Murray Streets, Woodbrook, where they arrested three women and a man.

The three women, and a man who is suspected of being their pimp, were charged with loitering for the purpose of prostitution.

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