Race against time to beat hangman …”7 LOSE MURDER APPEALS”

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Seven men who lost their appeals on Monday against the death sentence, will make a final appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

But it will be a race against time by the State to beat the five-year guideline set by the Privy Council in the Pratt and Morgan case in 1993.

In one case, four years have gone after conviction, and in the other, three years have passed.


Six men who were sentenced to hang in June 2015, for the murder of two young girls who were burnt to death in their home in Freeport, in 2009, lost their appeals against their conviction.

Justices of Appeal Alice Yorke-Soo Hon, Rajendra Narine and Mark Mohammed, dismissed the appeal and affirming the death sentences of brothers Shiva, Ryan and Vishan Bajnauth and their half-brother Soman Rampersad and friends, Junior John and Kenny Mohammed.

The six had appealed their conviction on June 26, 2015, when they were also sentenced to death by Justice Maria Wilson.

The six men were convicted for the murder of Sangeeta, six, and Sarah, three,  who were burnt to death in their home at Uquire Road, Freeport on April 14, 2009.


A CHAGUANAS man who was sentenced to hang in March 2014, for the murder of 13-year-old Parmanand ‘‘Boyo’’ Persad, whose body was discovered in a partially built Chaguanas house, in 2006, lost his appeal.

Ronald Bisnath, of Crown Trace, Enterprise, had challenged his conviction, but Justice of Appeal Alice Yorke-Soo Hon, Rajendra Narine and Mark Mohammed dismissed his appeal and affirmed the death sentence imposed by Justice Devan Rampersad.

Persad, a student of the Chaguanas Junior Secondary School was murdered on October 29, 2006. His body was found in the bathroom of a house at Crown Trace, Enterprise. Police said he was beaten, and his throat slit.

At the time of the boy’s killing, police described it as one of the more gruesome murders they had come across.

Persad’s head was bashed in, his throat slit, and there were also reports that he was raped and beaten.

Bisnath was found hiding in some bushes close to the area where Persad’s body was found.

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