Public Consultation yet to come off …”RAPE OF THE NURSERIES”

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Despite a notice for a public consultation for April 25, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has gone ahead and started cutting trees for the establishment of an extension of the HDC’s North Grove Housing Estate called East Grove at the expense of the St. Augustine Nurseries.

According to former Government Minister, Devant Maharaj, “Today, the government is callously moving ahead with the project despite no final Town and Country approvals or the completion of public consultations.”

The public consultation is card for Wednesday at the Curepe Pentecostal Church.

Maharaj added, “It was saddening to witness first hand as the State began the rape of the nursery. While the newspapers have published advertisements for a consultation on April 25th, this morning gangs of workers were busy destroying fruit trees. This destruction was very visible from the Southern Main Road and was continuing this morning.

“It is expected that the Ministry of Agriculture, who is colluding with the Ministry of Housing on this rape of agricultural resources, will say that it is cutting trees affected by the Citrus Greening. This is the anticipated cover that will be used to justify the destruction of the St. Augustine Nurseries as the government prepares for its concrete jungle.

“The destruction of the trees this morning only underscores the electoral desperation of the government as they have realized that the St. Joseph seat held by MP Terrance Deyalsingh has swung away from the ruling PNM. The acceleration of the devastation of the trees highlights the pace in which the planned voter-padding is proceeding.

“With growing unemployment, a stagnating economy, declining foreign exchange supply, and increase in food prices this callous and insensitive government is vision less as it orchestrates the destruction of valuable agricultural resources.”
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