Problems in the marriage …”TEACHER HAMMERED TO DEATH”

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Despite warnings from her family to walk away from the marriage, kindergarten teacher, Kalya Marie Solomon-Caine, stayed and ended up being hammered to death.

According to relatives, Kalya had given up on the marriage. She could take it no more, so last weekend, she left her home in Tobago and came to Trinidad to stay with relatives.

She insisted that when she returned to Tobago, she wanted her husband out. When she returned last Sunday, her husband had moved out of the home but was living in his car on the same compound.

Both Kayla and her husband are Trinidadians but moved to Tobago sometime ago.

Things got heated on Friday morning, and Kalya was dealt several blows with a hammer. She died on the spot.

The killer attacked Kalya, 24, of Lowlands, in front her two daughters and metres away from the Dorothy Moses Nursery School in Lambeau where she worked. Parents who had just dropped off their children also witnessed the attack, while the little students inside heard the last distressed screams of their teacher.

According to reports, around 8.20 am, Kayla and her daughters were  leaving her home, which is one house away from the school, when she was confronted by a man. The man, armed with a hammer, confronted her and dealt her several blows to her head and chest before running away.

School board member, Jerry Ali, said it was very sad and heart breaking. He said Kayla was well loved by her students, adding some of them would have heard the screams during the violent attack and were traumatized by it. He said the necessary counselling would be given to both parents and children.

Ali added, “It is sad that we continue to be faced with situations like these.

“The children would have heard some screaming and the persons who would have gotten some level of what was happening were parents who were dropping off children. Those parents were really traumatized, one parent couldn’t even drive, they had to send a driver for her, so they would have witnessed to some extent what transpired. We called the TRHA via Ms.Ali and they have agreed to send counsellors immediately to counsel children and parents.”

Senior Supt Joanne Archie said the exact cause of the attack was still unknown to them.

She added, “The incident would have occurred in the yard at the foot of the stairs, however we are still conducting investigations to determine really what would have been the cause of the dispute…it is my information that there had been a report made by her, we are still to check that report to see whether or whom that report was made against.”

The funeral will take place in Trinidad.

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Kalya Marie Solomon-Caine

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