Prisoner went to the toilet …”THEN DISAPPEARS”

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A prisoner facing charges of armed robbery escaped from the La Brea Police Station on Friday. He went to the toilet from where he made his daring dash for freedom.

The suspect, 34, was arrested earlier in the day on four outstanding warrants for possession of firearms and robbery offences.

Police said the La Brea man was placed in a holding cell. He was not yet processed.

But when officers checked on him at around 12.30 pm he was nowhere to be found.

Police said the prisoner broke a toilet and used a piece of iron to break a hole through the concrete wall.

He crawled out of the hole and escape without being noticed.

Police said the area was immediately locked down but the prisoner was not found.

On Thursday, a 21-year-old Mt Lambert man who was arrested for possession of drugs escaped from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

The man was taken to the health facility after he suffered injuries to his feet during the arrest.

But while awaiting the arrival of a doctor the man climbed through a window and escaped.

He remains at large.

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