Prime Minister Rowley …NO NEW CRIME PLAN

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There is no need for a new crime plan for Trinidad and Tobago.

Instead, the police should get up and deal with the upsurge in crime.

According to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, a crime plan for this country need not be a new one and government acknowledges that success lies with the police force.

He said he has noted that newspaper reports frequently mention the absence of a crime plan.

Speaking at the opening of the new Besson Street Police Station on Monday, Rowley said comparing statistics for periods of time will not offer comfort, but instead the fear of crime must be brought down for citizens to feel protected.

This was not to say that the police were not working, Rowley added.

He said some criminals believed they were winning the fight and this could not prevail. Instead, the vast majority of citizens must feel safer and it is the results of police work that could be felt that was important.

He said certain types of crimes sparked the expectation that there would be accountability.

The Prime Minister admitted there is no swift justice in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said criminals out on the street also look to secure their safety and freedom and incur liabilities such as having to pay their lawyers.

They are then rampant on the street when they are out after processing and are looking to raise cash to pay their lawyers to ensure their freedom.

This fact might be unpleasant to some, he said.

Rowley pointed out that the police service was overwhelmed by the criminal conduct in this society, and questioned whether adding more police and municipal police would work.

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