The President’s Christmas Message …”WE NEED TO HEAL”

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President Anthony Carmona says the nation needs to heal!

In his final Christmas message as President, Carmona added, “Christmas is not just about generosity or charity; not only about giving alms and sharing gifts but has at its core the enlightening power of mercy and forgiveness.”

In a joint message with his wife Reema Carmona, the President said, “As a Nation, we need to heal, because we need healing.”

Carmona thanked citizens for their resilience as he said, “Christmas is a season of love, reverence, compassion and kindness.

“This country has my heart and soul and everything that impacts this Republic, impacts me as a citizen and as your President. My hope today, as always, is to bond with each of you, in hope, love, optimism and possible solutions to our national frailties.”

Reema stated, “Trinbagonian Christmas is a grandiose celebration, an incandescent festival of merriment and an amalgamation of peoples, communities and a Nation.

“As the Christmas season is widely observed by all in our multi- religious, multi- cultural, ‘Callaloo’ Nation and Caribbean Region, we must remember that the reason for the season lies first, in celebrating life and God’s love for us all, and then, living the best, most productive life, we can live for ourselves, for our families, for this Nation, for this very Planet.”

Carmona said Christmas was a time to reflect, to willingly expose our softer side, our compassion, our mercy and our capacity to forgive, a time to give without expectation.

He added, “There are gifts that mean much more, that cost little or nothing at all, giving to others, the gift of time, communication and bonding- yes- personalized time around our banquet of circumstances, giving added hope to those not sure of themselves those who are despondent those who are simply not happy.”

Carmona continued, “There is at times a pervading sadness in the air and individually and collectively, we must and can do something about this. Lend an ear, a helping hand, positive words of encouragement, be a genuine friend this Christmas. These gifts that will not wear and will stand the test of time. We must lift up rather than bring down or tear down.”

Reema intervened, “Do not forsake your children, for they deserve your quality time and attention.

“It is through your caring love that children will move forward in their adult lives with a greater sense of personal dignity, self-worth and self-esteem. If we wish to heal the world, then our homes must be sanctuaries.”

“Daddy, you must know your child. Speak to your children, embrace them, tell them you love them and you care and their true worth will shine and prosper.”

“Be the great mentor that you can be for your child’s sake and for the family at this Christmas time and beyond.”

“Mommy, your boy child loves you and therefore you are the entrusted cradle of our humanity. Supported by a father’s love, you all must tell your boy child that there is untold magic, benefit and godliness in doing right to each other, simply by doing good and being good. Tell them, both of you, that our women folk must be treated with respect and let your boy child know that compassion, mercy and forgiveness, are not weaknesses, but strengths.”

The President acknowledged that while we live in a world fraught with materialism – sometimes dictated by dollars and cents – it was all right to sometimes feel helpless if we do not have.

He urged persons, “As we enjoy our unique and culinary Christmas cuisine, spare a thought and possibly a plate for those among us who may not have a meal on this very day.”

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President Anthony Carmona and his wife and Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodan and his wife.

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