Praises for PSA leader on social media …BUT DUKE CHANGES HIS PLANS

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From the moment he announced plans to carry out a swim protest, THA Minority Leader, Watson Duke, said he was going “to swim” from Tobago to Trinidad to highlight the issues surrounding the Ocean Flower 2 scandal.

But on Sunday, Duke changed his tune by saying he would get to Trinidad by all means necessary. On Monday, he started off the swim, but after an hour in the choppy waters, Duke was towed by jet ski and pirogue to Toco.

The “swim protest” lasted under six hours.

At one point, the pirogue in which Duke was resting capsized, which caused consternation among his followers. However, he managed to complete the journey without any significant injuries.

There was mixed reaction on social media about the protest. Many praised Duke and the point he made. Others said it was a PR stunt which had failed.


“Good Morning, the Media is invited by the Minority Council of the Tobago House of Assembly to the hosting of a press briefing today, Wed 23 Aug 2017, at 10 am by the Port of Scarbough Fishing Facility for fishermen (close by the TT Coast Guard sea facility).

We would be giving the date, time and place for the commencement of the SWIM PROTEST from Tobago to Trinidad .

This is a protest against the Sea Bridge (cargo boat/ ferry travel) between Trinidad an Tobago that has collapsed over the last 8 months, thereby preventing and frustrating ordinary Tobagonians from there constitutional right of freedom of movement.

In the words of our PM Dr Rowley ” the boat/ ferry is more than a life line for the people of Tobago”

Sadly his actions does not support his words as no priority nor solution has been provided to the people of Tobago.

This is serious swim as we, the Minority Council, have tried all other options:

1. We sounded a public alarm Jan 2017/ Feb 2017

2. We brought it to the THA Chamber (Tobago’s Parliment)

3. We protested

4. We walked 25km


Now we put ourselves on the line in representing the pain and suffering the Tobago people have been experiencing as we were voted to serve them from 2017 to 2021.”
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