PP Govt’s Achievement Report Card

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A financial analyst has said there was “tremendous value” created by spending incurred by the People’s Partnership Government.

They included:

  • A Heritage and Stabilisation Fund at US $5.7 billion – 60 per cent than it was in 2010;
  • Foreign reserves at US $10.3 billion – 15 per cent more than in 2010;
  • The energy sector contributing $13 billion more to gross domestic product than it was in 2010;
  • The agriculture sector producing five per cent more than in 2010;
  • 26 per cent increase in government revenues compared to 2010;
  • Foreign Direct Investment increasing by some 400 per cent – from US $549 million in 2010 to US $2 billion in 2015;
  • Increased drilling rig days, (15 per cent in 2015 over 2014), one of the few places with such improvement;
  • 66 per cent increased minimum wage compared to 2010;
  • Increased pension, disability and National Insurance benefits;
  • Increased tax collection, with $19 billion in VAT receipts in 2011 alone;
  • Computer laptops for some 95,000 secondary school students;
  • Some 100 schools rebuilt and another 100 in varying stages of completion;
  • 105 health centres rebuilt and a state-of-the-art medical facility opened at Diego Martin;
  • Construction of Couva and Chancery Lane hospitals;
  • Delivery an integrated university campus in Tobago;
  • Completed the Debe Campus, launched a drilling school, an aviation institute and a nursing academy;
  • Constructed the Valencia By-Pass, expanded Diego Martin Highway, built a large section of San Fernando-Point Fortin Highway, and rebuilt several roads and bridges;
  • Expanded trade and export markets to Panama, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, India and China;
  • Increased opportunities for small business, leading to a growth in the sector from 6,659 in 2010 to 13,477 in 2015.

“That’s quite a good scorecard of achievement,” the financial analyst summed up.

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