Post of Deputy Commissioner of Police …”SURPRISE PICK?”

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A senior police officer who was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner last month, stands to become the new Deputy Commissioner, if the Government has its way.

President Paula-Mae Weekes has submitted a notification to Parliament, in respect of the nomination of Harrikrishen Baldeo for appointment to the Office of Deputy Commissioner of Police.

That matter comes up in the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon and it is left to be seen how the Government will proceed on this one.

So what have become of the notification of the other contenders, Deodat Dulalchan and Harold Phillip?

It is left to be seen if Government, led by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, will support or reject Baldeo.

When the issue came up recently for the appointment of a Commissioner of Police, Rowley and the Government rejected Dulalchan, Phillip, and then acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, Government chose the fourth nominee, Gary Griffith.

With the issue of the Commissioner of Police out of the way, focus is now turned to the post of Deputy Commissioner.

Last month, Baldeo was one of seven appointed to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Will there be notification for Dulalchan and Phillip?
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Harrikrishen Baldeo, right, standing.

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