Posing with child and a gun …”FEMALE OFFICER BEING PROBED”

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The Police Service is now investigating a female officer, after a photograph surfaced on social media over the weekend of a woman holding a gun near the head of a baby.

In a release on Monday, the Police Service confirmed the woman in the photo was a member of the service and that the acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, has ordered the Professional Standards Bureau to start an immediate investigation.

The release stated, “The public will be updated on the outcome of said investigation when completed.”

In the photograph, the woman is seen holding the gun close to the child’s mouth.

The questions to be asked: 1) Was this a real gun? How old is this photo? How long has the officer been in the Police Service?

One of the officer’s friends said the photo was taken about 12 years ago. The officer, she added, has been in the Police Service for two years.

Preliminary investigations revealed that a male officer, whom the woman knew very well at the time, took the photo. It is said that the gun belonged to that officer.
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