Police suspect death was over money …”CONTRACTOR EXECUTED”

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A debt is believed to be the motive behind the execution of a contractor in Ste Madeline on Thursday.

Police have ruled out robbery as the motive in the murder of contractor Shamand Gosine, 48, of St Mary’s Village, Moruga. None of his personal belongings were missing. His Ford Ranger was found intact on the scene along the Naparima Mayaro Road.

At the scene of the killing, police were told that Gosine owed money and the murder may be the real reason for his demise. Investigators were looking into this theory.

Gosine had gone to the agricultural estate near the Usine Ste Madeleine factory with his workers on Thursday morning. Police said around 1.50 pm he sent two workers to purchase roti for lunch. When they returned around 2.10 pm they found his body slumped behind an old shipping container. A male relative was convinced that his murder was a hit.

“They came to intentionally kill him and they did. This was not a robbery,” said the relative who said Gosine had received threats. Gosine also had a court matter over a land dispute.

Woman shot at Petit Valley Health Center

Gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people at the Petit Valley Health Center on Thursday wounding a grandmother.

Police said ongoing gang war in Simeon Road, Petit Valley was the reason for the shooting.

According to police reports, shortly after 1 pm two men dressed in female Muslim wear approached a man from the Petit Valley area and opened fire. A 69-year-old woman identified as Oharra Christian, was shot the right leg.

Christian, police said went to the Health Center to collect medication and was seated outside the building when the shooting took place.

Police said the shooters escaped by running along a nearby river bank. Their disguises were recovered by officers of the Western Division Task Force who responded to the shooting.


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