Police search for footage of murder …”COPS RAID IAN ALLEYNE’S STUDIO”

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Police carried out a raid on the Crimewatch Studio of Ian Alleyne on Monday afternoon, searching for CCTV footage containing evidence of a murder.

More than 15 policemen in several vehicles descended on the studio in Chaguanas. The raid was conducted by members of the Homicide Bureau with support from members of the Central Division Task Force.

But there was an immediate stand-off as the inside studio was locked. The officer in charge could not open the studio door as they did not have the tools. They called for back-up and another contingent from the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB) from El Socorro responded with a hammer.

Shortly after 5 pm, one officer broke down the door to the studio and met four female workers inside. But hear what! The search for the footage was held up as there was no officer to search for the evidence.

“So who going to pay for my door? Who going to pay for this,” Alleyne asked. Alleyne’s lawyer, Gerald Ramdeen, arrived on the scene and pointed out that the warrant was bad. He said he had offered to give the police what they requested. He said there was no need to do what they did.

Alleyne said the search was not about any CCTV footage, but about a document he had in his possession linking certain police officers to bribe-taking and other crimes.

“I not taking this, I going to court,” he added.
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