Police say one suspect held …”STOLEN” VEHICLE FOUND…AGAIN

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The story of the missing Kia Sportage vehicle belonging to CNC3 news anchor, Khamal Georges, is rather strange.

First, two men robbed Georges of the vehicle in St James, then parked it at Bath Street, East Dry River. The police find the vehicle, take it to the Besson Street Police Station and park it.

Then a man with a key comes outside the police station, start the vehicle and drives away with it. Then he parks it at Roget Lane, Belmont, and leaves it.

In a Twitter update posted Friday morning, the Police Service said the Kia Sportage motor vehicle, which was stolen from the vicinity of the Besson Street Police Station on Thursday night, was recovered from Roget Place, Belmont, around 8:30 am Friday by officers of the Port-of-Spain Task Force.

Police said a suspect was detained for questioning, although no one was found with the vehicle.

The car was initially taken after Georges was held up at gunpoint after a CPL match around 2 am am on Thursday.

The vehicle was recovered at Bath Street Plannings, East Dry River, later that day, but was again stolen from outside the Besson Police Station around eight o’lock on Thursday night.

Georges took to Facebook on Thursday morning to report that he was robbed at gunpoint by bandits who made off with his cell phone, cash and vehicle.

He said two hours prior to his post, he returned to his home from the first match of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

He said moments after he opened his car door to exit, two men whose faces were covered, walked up to his vehicle with a firearm and said, “don’t make a scene”.

Georges believes the men knew that his neighbours would be awake at odd hours which is why they tried to conduct the robbery in a “clean” fashion.

He said they took his phone, money and vehicle, an ash grey KIA Sportage with the number plate PDA 8386.

During the exchange, Georges managed to ask for his IDs and apartment keys.

That was the moment the weapon was pointed to his chest.

He added, “I asked for two things. That they left me with my IDs and my apartment keys. The first they did, when I insisted on the second, they readied the weapon and aimed. At my chest. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me. It’s disorienting. A million thoughts run through your mind. I’ve reported on countless robberies gone wrong. Innocent people killed and no reason to offer. And here I was. I looked at his face and I had no reason to doubt that he was going to shoot. All I could do was put my hands up. Luckily, they jumped in the vehicle that I worked bloody hard to buy and I watched as they sped off.”

Georges said he was happy to be alive as things could have taken a turn for the worst.

“What can you do but be thankful? I am thankful. Because in a place where life seems to have so little value, I am alive by the Grace of the Almighty. Shaken, yes, but unhurt.”

He thanked the officers at the St James Police Station saying he was “grateful” for all their efforts.

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