Police prepare for a gang war …”GANG WITH BIG ARSENAL”

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There is a video circulating on social media that a particular group has an arsenal of weapons to fight another group.

If this is true, then the police have a battle on their hands.

There is also a voice recording that people must keep their children off the streets in certain communities, in particular Beetham, now that Ramadan is over and that the gang war will heat up.

The police are in possession of both recordings and are investigating them. The one with the arsenal of weapons is of great concern to the police as it shows the type of guns which the criminals have.

It is a clear case of the Rasta City Gang versus the Muslim Gang.

As a way of dealing with the matter without violence, police officers attached to the Port of Spain Division went into the Gonzales area on Friday and armed themselves with white paint and brushes and re-painted lamp posts which reflected gang affiliation.

Senior Supt Floris Hodge-Griffith, head of the Port-of-Spain Division, said she sanctioned the aesthetics to send a clear message to the Rasta City gang that they are not taking over.

Hodge-Griffith said following the murder of Kevon “Fish” Joseph on June 4, affiliates of the Rasta City Gang moved in and declared that the Gonzales area was now under their control. Joseph’s death was the last known boss of the Muslim gang in the Gonzales area and his death signaled that the area was now to be colonized by the Rasta Gang.

Hodge-Griffith said residents were fearful as strange gunmen were patrolling the area and painting the lamp posts to reflect that the Rasta City gang was in control of the area.

She said if that were to be allowed then her officers would have to pack up and leave and allow the gangs to take over the Belmont Police Station, which has control of the area.

She added that as long as she was in charge of the division, she was not allowing any gang to take over. She declared, “My officers were upset about having to go out and paint, some of them, but we have to look at the bigger picture. The residents can’t do it because they will get killed so we have to do it. We will continue to paint it over and we are looking to see if it is illegal for anyone to paint the lamp post. The painters will most likely have guns so if we ketch them painting the lamp post we will get guns too. We can’t give them any space to run at all.”

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