Police investigations pending …”MARLENE NOT FREE”

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Marlene Mc Donald is not free as yet. Although she was appointed a Junior Minister on Thursday, Mc Donald is still under investigations by the police.

The police probe into the Calabar Foundation matter involving the People’s National Movement Port-of-Spain South MP,  is still ongoing.

The probe was initiated in March 2016 after Fixin’ T&T’s Kirk Waithe formally requested a police investigation into the establishment and running of the Calabar Foundation, monies paid to that entity and its operations.

The Calabar matter has dogged McDonald since then, when Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley removed her from the Cabinet pending probes by the Integrity Commission and police on various alleged issues, including allegations about the foundation.

The Integrity Commission exonerated McDonald in December 2013 on the Calabar Foundation issue, but reopened the matter in March 2015 citing receipt of new information.

On October 25, 2016, the Integrity Commission wrote to McDonald exonerating her on certain allegations. However, she remained the subject of a commission investigation on an unknown matter.

Subsequently, in June 2017, Rowley appointed McDonald Public Utilities Minister after she was cleared on a substantial body of  integrity matters. But she was fired by the Prime Minister shortly after community leader Cedric “Burkie” Burke attended her swearing-in ceremony at President’s House, uninvited. Rowley distanced his Government from this.

Mc Donald was appointed Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications on Thursday. PNM officials say this is a slap in the face of the MP as she is one of the deputy political leaders of the party.

Cuffie has been at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington since last November undergoing rehabilitation. On Friday, House Speaker Brigid Annisette George announced Cuffie had sought leave from Parliament for the month of March. Cuffie said two weeks ago he’d return home once his doctors approved his travel.

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The photo which got Marlene Mc Donald in trouble in 2017

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