PNM working better than Government …”CONFESSION, ROWLEY STYLE”

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Imagine that! A confession from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley that Government was not as organized as the People’s National Movement (PNM).

Is this another case of foot in mouth disease? Did Rowley understand what he said at a political meeting on Wednesday night?

The Prime Minister said he did not think the Government was as organised as the PNM but the PNM should not rest on its laurels. “Yuh see the next general election, we will ensure that we work towards increasing our majority,” he said.

At that meeting, Rowley announced that screening for candidates for the 2020 general elections would start in April 2019 with screening for the Chaguanas East seat. Why not a PNM stronghold seat?

Instead of looking at UNC held seats, look at the PNM seats where the MPs are not performing. To name a few – St Joseph, La Horquetta/Talparo, Arima, Diego Martin Central, Diego Martin North East, and certainly Diego Martin West.

Screen for those seats early while you hold Government, Dr Rowley.


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