PNM Elections postponed …”IS ROWLEY RUNNING SCARED?”

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Is Dr Keith Rowley running scared? Does he fear being beaten for the post of political leader?

Is this why the PNM internal elections have been postponed from September 16 to 30?

Rowley is expected to get a shock challenge from within the party in the internal elections which could see him not being the political leader but holding on to the title of Prime Minister.

The PNM last month said the internal elections, where the leadership and 15 executive posts are contested, would be held on September 16. Nominations were expected from this Monday to Friday.

Elections team head Murchison Browne said he had not received official word on the elections but also heard they were being postponed to September 30.

The PNM’s General Council would officially pronounce on polls and postponement at next week’s meeting. The nomination period had also been postponed to September 3-7.

Nomination forms were also being changed.

While incumbents are defending posts or seeking others, challenges are looming in several of the 15 executive posts: chairman, vice chairman, general secretary, assistant general secretary, elections, field and youth officers. What about political leader?

Rowley will address the PNM’s “Family Day” at Edinburgh 500 Chaguanas at 4 pm on Sunday.

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