PM’s legal adviser in Facebook Post …”IS NAFESSA IN TROUBLE?”

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Is Nafessa Mohammed in trouble?

Nafessa, one of the legal advisers to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, reported made a Facebook Post concerning the detention of her nephew, Tariq Mohammed, over so-called threats to disrupt Carnival 2018.

Word on the ground is that Nafessa may have embarrassed some high-ranking officials of the ruling PNM, and therefore, they want her head.

Everyone knows that Nafessa is the daughter of the late PNM Minster, Sham Mohammed, the uncle of the late PNM founder, Kamaluddin Mohammed, a former PNM Opposition Senator under Patrick Manning.

Reports indicate that following the Facebook Post, Nafeesa was asked to resign as her post was deemed unacceptable by the Government.

The post mentioned allegations of a cabal within the ruling People’s National Movement which may be pushing an anti-Islamic agenda for political gain.

Tariq was one of 15 persons detained by the police for six days after reports surfaced of a plan to disrupt the Carnival.  However, Tariq was released without charge. Nothing was found when police searched his home at Mohammedville, El Socorro, San Juan.

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