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A 24-year-old PH taxi driver from Maraval was shot dead in front of his home on Thursday morning.

According to reports, sometime around 3 am, police received a report of gunshots from residents of Paramin Village, Maraval.

When police arrived in the hillside community they found a wounded Michael Sylvester lying in the back seat of his Nissan Almera.

He was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Residents told police Sylvester, who lived a short distance away from where his car was parked, was playing music from his vehicle on Wednesday evening and decided to sleep in it after the battery had died.

Reports revealed that Sylvester was killed because of a disagreement he had with a group of men outside a bar on Morne Coco Road on Tuesday night.

According to a relative, “A friend of his got into an altercation and he put in his two cents. The gunmen made an example of him. They did not get who they were looking for and they killed him to send a message.”

The relative maintained that Sylvester was not involved in any criminal activities.

He said Sylvester had recently assisted his father in building a home and was planning on moving in next week before Christmas.

Investigations are continuing.

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