Outside Couva Children’s Hospital …KAMLA TO LEAD PROTEST

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Leader of the Opposition, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, will lead a peaceful protest outside the Couva Children’s Hospital on Friday from 10.30 am.

Persad-Bissessar blasted a press statement from the Ministry of National Security, which condemned last Friday’s protest outside the Couva Children’s Hospital. She called that statement as being unconstitutional, and called for another protest from the United National Congress (UNC) Members of Parliament on Friday.

Persad-Bissessar was the feature speaking at the Monday Night Forum in Tunapuna.

The former Prime Minister stated, “On Friday we shall be there, whether as a citizen, whether as a COP, whether as a UNC, we will be there as law-abiding citizens.”

“Join with us this Friday, stand with us in front of the Couva Children’s Hospital at 10:30 am.”

She warned citizens of a path of dictatorship and commended citizens for upholding their democratic rights.

She added, “I want to congratulate members and supporters of the UNC who took it upon themselves to make that protest action in the rain.”

“Look at where they are taking us down, into the path of dictatorship.”

She also compared to similar protests which did not receive the same response.

She stated, “When recently, Moruga/Tableland, big protest, fires, tyres burning, and who was in the middle of it all, ‘skinning and grinning’? The Member of Parliament for Moruga/Tableland (Dr Lovell Francis).”

She is calling on the Minister of National Security to withdraw the release.

“I say to the Minister of National Security, withdraw your unlawful, unconstitutional press release. You cannot be attempting to intimidate and terrify law-abiding citizens when you cannot deal with the horrendous state of crime in this country.”

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