Open letter to the Prime Minister… DEAL WITH MURDERS NOW

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This is an open letter to Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, the MP for Diego Martin West.

Plain talk. Bad manners.

Come on Dr Keith Rowley! Stop talking and do something about the runaway murder rate. Your reaction to the increase in crime is to put police officers back on bicycles in communities.

To get killed? Really?

Did you see what happened in D’Abadie on Saturday? Could bicycle cops stop those brazen killers? We would have been mourning the loss of several police officers too?

When you were campaigning for the 2015 General Elections, you promised to deal with crime. You promised a better health care system, and you promised accountability and transparency.

While you showed real accountability and transparency in awarding your friend, Emile Elias, a $145 million housing contract in Mount Hope, the normal citizens of this country wake up every morning, wondering if it would be their last.

Three incidents in the last 72 hours have people real concerned.
On Friday, a 55 year-old woman, sitting in her car, after attending church on Piccadilly Street, Port-of-Spain, was shot dead. The story emerged that she was the mother of a policeman attached to the Besson Street Police Station.

Because of his duties in the Laventille area, he was threatened by members of a certain gang. He reported the threats. His mother, scared of the crime in Laventille, had moved to Lopinot, but her son stayed.

The gang could not get to the policeman that easily so they wiped out his mother. Would that policeman be relocated? Would he get an HDC house in another area? Or would you consider that going beyond the terms and conditions of a police officer, as you did after you came into office and pronounced on all the police officers who got houses under the PP Government?

A policeman has lost his mother because of his duties. But wait nah. What about the $1 million compensation for slain law enforcement officers? Are you still playing political football with the lives of the thousands of servicemen and women in this country?

Wake and take note of the brazen attack in D’Abadie on Saturday. In broad daylight, gunmen using high powered weapons killed three men just so.

Whatever the reasons for the act, it was done in broad  daylight by the killers without a care in the world. That must stop.  Since you came into office, we have seen some of the most brazen killings in this country.

Another bold-faced assassination was that of Selwyn “Robo Cop” Alexis…again in broad daylight. No arrests.

Within the next few days we would reach 400 murders for the year. Children are being killed, and nobody cares. Close to 400 families are mourning the gruesome deaths of their loved ones, and the detection rate is seven per cent.

What about those persons who were kidnapped this year without  a trace? Like Ria Sookdeo? Police have stopped looking for her because they have gone to another case. It is likely she will not be found.

Will Ria’s family get closure? Juliet Tam’s family is waiting closure since 1985. BWIA flight attendant Olga Jardine’s family is waiting closure since 1987.

There are several persons who have gone missing in 2016. Is there a human trafficking element to this? We are asking because your Minister of National Security is clueless.

On the topic of the Minister of National Security, you made a real blunder in not removing him from his post in the recent reshuffle.

Instead you fired another soldier, and kept the clueless military man.

Dr Rowley, this will come back and bite you. Dennis Moses and Glenda Jennings-Smith are hopeless in national security, and really, the police have no respect for Edmund Dillon.

Dear Prime Minister, the longer you take to deal with crime, the more the citizens will be against you.

Don’t believe for one minute this is about UNC and PNM. Your supporters are the most vulnerable and the brazen murders are taking place in constituencies where you are in control.

Look at how that poor security guard was killed in Arima on Thursday. A most bold-faced attack. Apart from the poor training of that guard, as evidenced by the video, these criminals do not care less.

Christmas is fast approaching and the bandits are organising themselves. You are head of the National Security Council, and as you said last Sunday, you are taking a hands on approach to crime. Well, your hands on approach begins today, and the people, of all walks of life, will not forgive you if crime gets worse.

Better equip the police and use the Defence Force to fight crime. That means soldiers, the Coast Guard, and Air Guard.

The ball is now in your court, Dr Rowley!

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